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I have a photo of that same valley! - taken in the early '70s.
It's remarkable how they terraced those hillsides to get use out of as much land as possible for raising their rice, sugarcane, sweet potatoes or other crops. Chances are that there's no rice being grown up on a hillside, eh?
Mick McClary (24 Nov 07)
Mick, I would not make a bet on those peoples' resolve. RON (25 Nov 07)
Ron, I would certainly never bet against them! They're some of the hardest working, honest year's work for a day's pay people you'll ever meet! Mick (25 Nov 07)
I'm not so sure that rice couldn't be grown on terraced hillsides. I believe that if you check it out you'll find that there are terraced rice fields in many Far Eastern countries!
J. Menno 11/29/07
You may very well be right, Joe. Providing that there is ample water with which to irrigate those terraces I guess there's no reason why they couldn't grow rice there.
Mick 30 Nov 07
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