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Shop Area
Photo by Ward Colbree
The Shop Area
The shop truck on the left, is that the one that had the mosquito abatement rig on it? It didn't have the boom on it then. There was a 55 gal. drum behind the cab with a mixture of diesel and DDT in it piped down to the muffler. Each night they would drive it by the shops and even the barracks, rev up the engine and blow the smoke into the buildings. it was a toss up whether the mosquitos or us would die first. One night the control tower called the fire dept.
Geo. Hickok, Dec 2, 2007
This is the truck we used to lift engines out of vehicles that needed engines replaced. I know the truck that we used to spray the DDT was similar to this except it didn't have the cherry picking rig on it. I drove that spray truck around the barracks area a couple times
Ron Hyatt, Dec 3, 2007
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