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Boss and Joe Menno
Photo submitted by: Joe Menno
Boss (far left) and Joe Menno(3rd from left)
Boss, Donald Hatch, Joe Menno, Robert "Bob" Davis, Squatting ??
Ron Hyatt (18 Nov 07)
Joe, I think the one kneeling in front is Michael ( Mike) Gorden from Brainard, Minn. Do you know for sure?
Geo. Hickok (19 Nov 07)
George, That is S/Sgt. Gorden squatting & Ron, Bob Davis is standing on right, next to me. J. Menno 11/26/07
Joe, do you know anything about where M. Gorden is today? We wrote each other for some time after we came home but I have lost track of him.
Geo. Hickok Dec 2, 2007
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