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Donald Ziter
Photo submitted by: Joe Menno

SELECTED AIRMAN OF THE MONTH by a board of officers and non-commissioned officers
of his squadron based on Okinawa is Airman First Class Donald J. Ziter, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. T.
Ziter of Springfield, Massachusetts. Airman Ziter is a veteran of 33 months in the Air Force
and has spent 20 months on Okinawa. He is a heavy equipment mechanic with the 9th Air Vehicle
Repair Squadron. (Photo by Springfield Union)

At the time this photo was taken, I had spent 33 months in the Air Force, including 20 months in the 9th AVRS on Okinawa. During my tour on Okinawa, I attended the automotive Specialist School in Eta Jima,Japan.
Donald Ziter (4-10-08)
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