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The Tanaka Family with Roy Squires

Photo: Ron Hyatt
The Tanaka Family, from Wakkanai at the Northern tip of Hokkaido Island, mainland Japan.
The Tanaka's were my very close friends.
Another friend, Roy Squires is with the Tanaka's in this picture.
Ronald Hyatt
Wakkanai is the Northern most city in Japan. Colder by far than Great Falls and who knows if there is more snow fall. It freezes and winter starts in late Sept. or early Oct.. You will not see Mother Earth until late April. I have pictures to prove it! At any rate you still live in the "banana belt".
Ron Hyatt (5 Nov 07)
Roy Squires was my roommate in Wakkanai, Japan. Great friend, good buddy. He was a Russian interpreter!
Ron Hyatt (6 Nov 07)
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