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B-36 at Kadena AB 1953

Photo: Frank Iava
B-36 at Kadena 1953. Now do you remember?????
submitted by Joe Menno 10/24/07
No, I don't. When in 53 did it arrive? I left April 53 and it wasn't there then.
Geo. Hickok (26 Oct 07)
The squadron of B-36's came in to replace the B-29's. The war was over by then so there were no bomb runs. Ward is right. I remember watching them land. I don't remember exactly when they came in, but it was late 1953
Lou Amari (27 Oct 07)
OK, this is why I do not recall any B36's. I left approx March, 1953. So I am not losing it!
Ron Hyatt (27 Oct 07)
For information about the B-36 Peacemaker, [Click Here]
Another photo of the B-36 [is here].
Mick McClary (27 Oct 07)
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