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B-36 at Kadena AB 1953

Photo: Frank Iava
For those with fading memories, this is why we had a B-36 tug.
submitted by Joe Menno 10/24/07
I thought my memory had been failing me but I do remember a group of these landing. God, they seemed big. But not one ever dropped anything but it's landing gear.
Ward Colbree (26 Oct 07)
Here's another picture of a B-36. It's not over Okinawa but it's a good shot of a Peacemaker. The B-36 was the featured aircraft in the old 1955 classic movie, Strategic Air Command, starring James Stewart and June Allyson.
Mick McClary (27 Oct 07)

Photo copied from Historic Bombers of the U. S. Air Force website.
I recently went thru the AF museum at Ashley , Nebraska. Besides the B-1 they had a B-36 . A monster. The largest airplane ever built. It even carried it's own fighter plane in it's forward belly compartment and could be launched in flight. If ever you are between Lincoln and Omaha Neb. just off the Interstate at Ashley , don't miss this Museum. All kinds of Planes. B17's, B29's, B24,s B26's. to mention a few. Well worth seeing.
Kenneth Godwin (2 Nov 07)
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