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Squadron Supply

Photo: Frank Iava
photo enlarged and enhanced by Ron Hyatt
Squadron Supply
submitted by Joe Menno 10/24/07
This is the Don't have it and Can't get it department! Also they would not nor could not get me a static rod for a refueling trailer.
Ron Hyatt (27 Oct 07)
Don't know what Ron is talking about in this picture. This is the supply room by our barracks that handed out our bedding, bug bombs, etc. There is a picture of the supply room group in the shop area too.
Frank Iava (11 Nov 07)
OK, I'm wrong. This is the bed part of the B&B. Never wanted from this group.
Ron Hyatt (11 Nov 07)
As I recall, there was an armory in this same building. Viewing the photo of the swimming pool made me remember M/Sgt. Poole who I believe was in charge. Once a year we would each get to fire the 50 cal. machine guns assigned to the 9th. M/Sgt. Poole was a tankman in North Africa in WW11 and could make a 50 cal. talk.
Geo. Hickok (11 Nov 07)
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