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Jeep Section

Photo: Frank Iava
photo enlarged and enhanced by Ron Hyatt
Jeep Section
submitted by Joe Menno 10/24/07
Hey Joe, After going over the group photos you submitted, I do believe that the third man from the right, standing, is me. I know the man standing next to me on my left is Vaughn Perkins. Is there any way possible for you to enlarge that picture and keep it clear? I tried, but it gets very blurry for me. At any rate, I'm sure it's me.
Lou Amari (27 Oct 07)
I also tried enlarging the photos and they became too pixilated. If the original photographs can be scanned again, using a higher resolution setting, then the enlargements will be much better.
Mick McClary (27 Oct 07)
This series of photos would be extremely valuable if they could be enlarged.
Ron Hyatt (27 Oct 07)
Well, Ron Hyatt worked his voo-doo on the photos, enlarged and enhanced the originals that Frank sent him and now we have a series of some pretty clear faces. So, now, who recognizes whom?
Mick McClary (10 Nov 07)
Correction: Third from the right is not me. It's Bob Mack. Next to him on his right is Vaughn Perkins. The man standing in the center of the photo in front of the Jeep window bunked right across from me. We use to call him Jughead.
Lou Amari (1 Jan 08)
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