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a bunch of guys at Awase Beach

Photo: Louis Amari
A bunch of guys at Awase Beach. The two guys on the left are John Struna and Vaughn Perkins. Sitting on the wall is me, and the other guys - I don't remember their names.
Lou Amari (10-16-07)
I can't remember any of the beach names, but the swimming was fantastic. A lot better than this Long Island Sound that I have here at home.
Ward Colbree 10/27/07
Yes, the swimming at Awase was good. Don't remember that wall though. As I recall, Awase Beach was one side of Buckner Bay. Across the bay was White Beach pier that many of us boarded the luxury liners that carried us home. In the upper end of the bay, at least while I was there, was a large graveyard of barges, vehicles, etc. left by the big typhoon in late '45. That is where I got the engine for the jeep I was building. Most of it was out of the water at low tide.
Geo. Hickok (27 Oct 07)
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