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Kadena Service Club

Photo: Kenneth Godwin
Kadena Service Club
Ken Godwin (10-15-07)
Hey, I was a member of this club for, as I recall for one month as a NCO. IE Sgt. Then I became a A1c.
Ron Hyatt (Oct 16, 07)
Ron, this is not the NCO Club that I remember. You had to cross a ravine on a wooden foot bridge to get to it from the parking lot. You could get a big steak dinner there for two bucks. Closed that place up on many a night. Too many. Did you ever go to the Army NCO Club at RYCOM Headquarters? It was called the Stateside Club. It was pretty nice but a little drive to get there.
Geo. Hickok (27 Oct 07)
No. I was a NCO for only a very short time, month or two, and then became a A1c.
Ron Hyatt (28 Oct 07)
Ward, You're right about the Stateside Club. It was better than nice. Fixed up just like stateside clubs, with a great swing band for listening or dancing & a great bar that served Moscow Mules (vodka & ginger beer) for $.25. Two dollars worth of drinks & someone would have to take you back to Kadena.
Joe Menno (10/31/07)
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