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Girls with phonograph

Photo: Louis Amari
This is not so much a picture of one of the girls, as it is a picture of one of those damn wind up record players. They played the same songs over and over again. One of them is still sruck in my head.I don't remember the real name of it, but we use to call it "She Ain't Got No Yo-Yo". I'm sure somebody will remember that.
Lou Amari (10-11-07)
I was just reminded of that tune "she ain't got no yo-due" May be it had more meaning than we think?
Ron Hyatt (10-12-07)
Lou, as close as I can get is "sheana-nor-yordo. Oh well, it stuck in my head too and I finally got rid of it, until you reminded me. THANKS A LOT !!
Ward Colbree 10/27/07
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