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Loglici, Maloney, Wheeler, Morelli and Gagliardi
Loglici, Maloney, Wheeler, Morelli and Gagliardi
Photo by: Joe Menno
ON ALERT. I remember when the 9th would be on alert for a week at a time. Guarding the ravine behind the orderly room quonset was my post.
G Hickok (9-19-07)
I do not recall any guard duty. Only the search for Koreans which we were issued guns; no ammo.
Ron Hyatt (10-5-07)
When we were on alert, when I was there, we were issued one clip of ammo but were ordered to NOT load the weapon until ordered to. Somebody in the weld shop did one day and accidentally discharged the weapon into the concrete floor. Couple of guys were taken to the hospital with wounds from bullet fragments and concrete chips.
Geo. Hickok (10-10-07)
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