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50-ton tractor
A 50-ton tractor
Photo by: Joe Menno
In all my time there I do not recall seeing one of these critters.
Ron Hyatt (10-5-07)
What year was that thing brought in and what the heck is it? It came a long, long time after me. I know that because I worked on everything that moved on it's own power on that base from 01/52 to 12/53.
Ward Colbree(10-24-07)
From 08/50 to 04/53 I never saw this tractor on Okie. I did see one at Francis E. Warren AFB in '49. It was towed into the shop for repair and it cracked the concrete floor and broke a bunch of hot water heating pipes. I think it was used to tow a large artillery piece and carry the crew and ammo. WWII era.
Geo. Hickok (24 Oct 07)
I don't recall exactly where I noticed this monster, but I did do a lot of driving around the island and it must have been located near one of the army installations.
J Menno (5/21/08)
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