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a Jeep that I was building behind my barracks
A Jeep that I was building behind my barracks.
photo: George Hickok
And he picks on my OldsCad.
Ron Hyatt (9-15-07)
That, my friend, is a work of art. Ha! I did abandon the drop tanks and put a regular jeep body on it. Sold it to a guy in the Air Sea Rescue Squadron near the Enlisted Men's Club.
Geo. Hickok (10-6-07)
When this picture was taken, the engine in this vehicle was a two cylinder starting engine off of a CAT bulldozer engine. I once drove it down to the shop area and back but it didn't work too good. Later got a jeep engine out of Buckner Bay at low tide.
Geo. Hickok (25 Nov 07)
The car in the background I believe is a Buick coupe owned by three guys in partnership. One was a S/Sgt., forgot his name. A piston broke in the engine so one weekend they tore it down to fix it. They couldn't find parts so they tried to make a six cyl. engine out of it by removing the opposing rod and piston,and the valve pushrods for those two cyl's. Several hours and cases of beer later they tried to start it. Well, it started but ran so bad it was not drivable. If you had seen it you would have died laughing.
George Hickok (May 17, 09)
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