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SSgt Hickok on a B-36 tug.
SSgt Hickok on a B-36 tug.
photo: George Hickok
HEY Sarge, No B36's 'til well after 1953, after I had left. Probably would have been used for one tho!ha. ha.
Ron Hyatt (9-15-07)
Ya know, Ron, I was thinking that that vehicle looks like that fire truck that got creamed when the B-29 crashed and exploded. The fender and the door damage looks the same as the picture in #58. And, the hood is missing from both vehicles.
Mick (9-15-07)
You are right, Mick. This is the same truck. The Tech Sergeant in the photo was the paint shop NCOIC I believe. The picture of me on the B-36 tug belongs to the comment under this picture. To my knowledge no B-36 ever landed at Kadena.
G. Hickok (10-3-07)

This picture belongs with the caption Sgt George Hickok on a B36 tug, 1950. The caption is presently under the picture of the TSgt standing by a fire truck damaged in the B29 explosion.
George Hickok (10-6-07)

The runway was under construction all the time I spent on the Island. I agree, I do not believe they ever got any B36's
Ron Hyatt (19 Oct 07)
COLEMAN Tug. Yeah, I remember a very few of them being there. Special Equipment inherited them also.
Ron (21 Oct 07)
On the Coleman tug; NOTE the cab is two 194x pickup cabs "glued" back to back!
Ron Hyatt (7 Nov 07)
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