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Oldsmobile-Cadillac cross-breed
Photo: Ron Hyatt

So, then, I guess this is what happens when you allow an Oldsmobile and a Cadillac to date without a chaperone! Mick

I remember this car. That is a caddy eng. with auto tranny out of a tank that they are installing. They got it running but the car shook apart when the tranny would shift. It also was so heavy that the tranny drug the ground. I was part of the group that finally trashed the car with sledge hammers and pipe in the driveway by the Dayroom. SSgt George Hickok ( (Aug 24, 2007)
Darrell Rambo (left), Ron Hyatt (right), installing a new out of the box Cadillac engine in the infamous Olds 98 convertible. This is in the work area of the 9th AVRS Sqn area, next to the Day Room. I like your comment Mick. It did run like a scalded cat. OSI could confirm that one, another story there!
Ron Hyatt (Aug 9, 2007)
Okay then, Ron.... tell us the other story! If OSI was involved it must be a good one!
Mick (9-3-07)
That engine was brand new in the crate. It was scrounge from Army depot. The serial number was titled to me by a OSI person. Capt Galloway tried to put me in the stockade because he insisted I had stolen it!
Ron Hyatt (9-15-07)
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