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Photo: Louis Amari

Ken, one of Lou's friends.
Ron Hyatt (Aug 9, 2007)

Would that be Ken Godwin?
Mick (9-3-07)
Ron (9-14-07)
The only thing I remember about Ken is , he lived in a town called Eureka, California. I don't think his last name was Godwin.
Louis Amari (Sept 23, 2007)
This is Ken Schull (not sure of the spelling of his last name.) I remember him from Ft Ord. We graduated Dec. 7th, 1951 from wheel vehicle maintenance school.
Lloyd Sterns - N. St. Paul, Mn. Served 9th AVRS Jan. 1952 to Dec. 1953 (Mar 29, 2008)
Thanks for remembering Ken's last name. We were good friends, and I can't believe I forgot. I cut his hair a couple of times. He was pretty fussy about his hair. I wonder if he still has it. If he's like me, he doesn't.
Lou Amari (3-30-08)
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