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Tour Okinawa DVD #7
You can take a video tour of Nakagusuku Castle, made some 35 years later than those photos but still showing the same stunning views. Walk along through the arches and see the courtyards and other beautiful attractions of the old home of King Gosmaru.

This is one of a 14-DVD set. I offer Tours of many of Okinawa's favorite tourist traps but most of what I've captured is the simple life of the Okinawans and a good number of road trips to sites from the Suicide Cliffs in the south to Hedo Point at the northern-most tip of the island. From the Motobu and Yomitan peninsulas on the East China Sea to the Katsuren Peninsula jutting into The Philippine Sea and overlooking Buckner Bay; from high points at the castle site in Nago to the depths of Gyokusendo Caves in the south I can take you to places on Okinawa that you could only experience by being there in person.

Dancing in the park with the mayor of Yomitan-son or standing in the tunnel at the bullfights; perching on a high tower to film the arrival of ancient Chinese diplomatic ships or slurping noodles with a friend, I can show you so many facets of life on the island. All you have to do is get your hands on these DVDs and you, too, can go back in time to the Ryukyu Kingdom!

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