9th AVRS 2009 Reunion

  • Sept. 24-27, 2009. Holiday Inn Riverview, located at 301 Savannah Way, Charleston, SC 29407, Overlooking the Ashley River waterfront.

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    Thank you, Frank Iava, for sending these photos and captions!

    Mary & Dick Frarey
    Joan Anderson,her son Ned and Carrie Waltershied (Ned is a career Army person back from Irag)
    Julian ,Carrie And Joan
    Lou Corea and Frank Iava (Typical Italian talking with my hands)
    Most of us waiting for others to catch up to us.
    We toured an aquarium?
    Joan & Ned
    Joe Menno & Terri
    Terri & ???
    Some of us at restaurant
    [no caption provided]

    2009 Reunion Album (A MS PowerPoint download)

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    Mail to mickmc@bresnan.net. Happy New Year! Mick 12-31-09