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Okinawan Culture

- - Language - -

Intro to Ryukyuan language

Are the Ryukyuan Languages distinctly separate languages or are they "dialects" of Japanese?
That question has been bandied about for a long time. Here's an opinion worth reading:

" “Wanne Uchinanchu – I am Okinawan.”
Japan, the US and Okinawa’s Endangered Languages
Patrick Heinrich and Fija Bairon

added 2-19-18

- - Music - -

- - Poetry - -

- - Festivals - -

Eisa Festival (with video)



Kumi-Odori (with video)

Tug of War (with video)

- - Industry - -


Yomitan Pottery at Flikr


Trade Goods
Items brought back by Commodore Perry in 1854
(Not all produced by Okinawans)

- - Society - -

Ryukyu Kingdom after 1609:
Social Classes and Genealogy

A Sword Called Chiyoganemaru

Okinawan Family Names

Hajichi (hand tattoo)

Okinawa Times Photo Gallery - Exquisite photos 1946-1976

Higaonna (Higashi Onna) Museum


Kusu Kwee - nothing to sneeze at!

- - Myths & Legends - -

Protective Charms




- - Cuisine - -

An all-time favorite street food - YAKITORI !

Explore Okinawa - Art, Culture and Cuisine from the Ryukyu Islands

Okinawa, the Birthplace of Karate

Kumejima Black Sugar Candy

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