Brown Sugar Jelly (For 2 ~ 3 people)
by Ichiro Suzuki

Brown sugar...50g (1 and 3/4 oz)
Water...250ml (8.5 oz)
Gelatin powder...5g (0.18 oz)
Water...1 - 2 tablespoon
Kinako (Soybean powder)

1. Soak gelatin powder in 1 -2 tablespoon of water in a cup

2. Put brown sugar and water in a pan.

3. Heat to boil, dissolve brown sugar and then turn off the heat.

4. Add 1 to 3 and stir.

5. Strain and Pour 4 into a container and keep it in your fridge until set.

6. Cut or spoon the jelly out and place it in a bowl (or plate) and sprinkle kinako on it.