Okinawan Wish Keeper
published Nov 23, 2019

While cleaning up my tatami house I came across a small black box that I didn't recognize. In the course of cleaning up I was in a rare mood to down-size and had already carted two lawn bags full of crap to the trash barrel. I'm happy that I didn't just toss the unrecognized black box into a bag.

This was also in the box.

I've no idea how I had forgotten that I had this beautiful pottery piece!
The two characters on the wish-keeper:

Lift the top and up comes the little bucket to keep your wishes in.

The tiny note is rolled and tucked into the bucket of the wish-keeper.
A person can keep as many wishes as will fit.
More wishes? Get another wish-keeper!

Wish-keepers are inspired by an ancient Asian custom of keeping wishes in small covered bowls.

Write your wishes on a small piece of paper and place it into the wish-keeper.

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