2017 Waya Soba Shop at Yuiyui Kunigami michi no eki
March 2, 2017

What can a guy do after exhausting himself shopping at the Yuiyui Kunigami michi no eki? Well, there's only one thing left to do - Eat soba!
Well, maybe two things if you count sitting back and enjoying a refreshing Orion.

video: Mick McClary

The Waya soba shop is just to the left of the entrance to the main store and I gotta tell ya, it's worth the stop and the few yen it costs for a great lunch.

photo: DyLon D McClary
They all look so danged good! What do do? What do to? *sigh*

photo: DyLon D McClary
Prices are good and the photos make the food look terrific. I was prepared for a bowl of my favorite - soki soba.

photo: DyLon D McClary
One of many reviews left by prior patrons in Waya's "comments" book.

photo: DyLon D McClary
It was going to be soki soba but DyLon chose yakisoba and I followed suit. Being back on island 2 and a half days, I hadn't yet had yakisoba. I'm very happy that we made that choice. The stuff was great!

photo: Mick McClary

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