Shirumichu-no gama on Hamahiga Island
Sunday - March 12, 2017

The next thing on my agenda was finding the tomb of Shirumichu. As you read,
if you've already seen the Amamichu entry, you know that Shirumichu is the male
counterpart who, together with Amamichu, brought life to the Ryukyu Islands.

Even if I don't find it, it's still a nice drive up through the forest

Sorry for all of the noise from the wind but the video wasn't great shooting through the windshield

According to Google Translate, and with my own liberties taken, the sign is a request that due to
private property concerns visitors to Shirumichu refrain from driving their car beyond that point.

I've taken some further liberties with Google Translate's offering of this sign:
It is said that the large cave in the woods was the dwelling place of Amamichu and Shirumichu.
A citizens association of Hamahigajima conducts annual celebration of the Chinese New Year during
which they pray for abundance of crops, good health and prosperity, and children dance. Within the
cave is a stalagmite that is considered to be a spiritual stone where people may pray for fertility.

If you can translate and find it to be significantly different from what I have offered, then please, let me know. Type here then click "Send it!"

Thanks! Mick

About half-way through the next clip there is a sign to the left that alerts "THOSE WHO USE THE PARKING LOT" to the
presence of a Seaside Garden, privately owned and operated, that offers a nice place to rest, have a cold drink of shaved ice.

The next sign, to the right, offers information about an observation deck with private parking.
It also requests that you purchase environmental eco-tickets at the garden tea house.
Signed off by "Seaside Garden, Hamahiga"

The yellow sign to the right of that one directs people to a gate and says something about purchasing gift certificates.

If I had been able to read the signs at the time of my visit I very likely would have explored
the garden. But, alas, I was unable to read it and now, in retrospect, I know even more acutely
that I need a self-contained translating device that does not depend upon an Internet connection!!

At the top of the steps you see a sign to the right:
Request to Worshipers
Shirumichu gama is a Higa, Uruma cultural asset and all are asked to keep the area clean.
1. Please stay in attendance until all incense sticks are extinguished.
2. Please take all unused paper sheets home.
Higa-ku, Uruma-shi

After everyone else had left I sat on that bench at the end and enjoyed a peaceful, breezy bento break!

And then, it was time to git goin' again

Considering the distance from the cave to the beach it must have been a
heck of a job for the noro who had to tote that stone all the way up that hill

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