"Seven Sacred Sites" clean-up and, at last, Kuragaa!
Sunday, March 26, 2017

I had been looking forward to this day for weeks! I was finally going to have the opportunity to
see the natural spring that is the hallmark of the tale of "Aka Inu ko" - the red puppy who saved
the day during an extended drought. The link that will take you to my story of Akainuko is right
here: Legend of Akainko. It's a great story and seeing the location has been a long time
unfulfilled desire for me. So, on this Sunday morning I accomplished one of my most outstanding
goals. Many thanks to Clay Sump who contacted me and worked out the logistics. Also, thanks to
his lovely wife who accompanied us and helped me to comprehend many things which would other-
wise have gone either misunderstood or just completely unobserved - like the Sobe po-po! I'd be remiss
if I didn't include Kenneth Spink who played a large roll in getting me in touch with the right folks.

Another cool surprise, too! I was introduced to one of the Sobe elders, Higa-san. Thirty-one years earlier I met
this man during a Lunar New Year celebration in Higa Park behind my house in Aza-Oki. He was the mayor at
that time. I need to mention that Higa Park was not named by or for the mayor. Higa-san is a descendant of the
village founder. It was after dark with very little light and back in '86 I didn't have a video camera capable of good
imaging in low light. Nevertheless I have video of the party and of Mayor Higa getting my younger son, Zac, onto
his feet and in a dance with him in front of all the villagers. That evening was magical! You can read the story and
watch the video, Dancin' the Night Away. It was a night that will live on forever in my memory!

This is Higa-san and Clay is behind, on the left side of photo.

Yeah, what a day!

So then, sit back and watch my adventure. Very early on in the process of setting out to
the sites the large group of volunteers was broken into two "teams" so I didn't get to see all
seven of the sites but I did, of course, arrange it that I would be going to the Kuragaa site.

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Thanks, Mick

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