Hideko Yamamoto sold me a Sanshin!
Saturday - March 4, 2017

It had long been my intent to one day buy a sanshin. Well, the day arrived March 4th, 2017.
Here we were, moseying along Chuo Park Avenue, looking at the stores when along came an
opportunity - an offer that I just couldn't refuse. Someone in a music shop told us about a
little shop one street back from Chuo Park Ave that sold sanshin. Off we went and look what we found!

This is the place

and this is the guy who built it. Quite a craftsman!

Here is Hideko-san showing me some of the instruments. Meanwhile, DyLon had set his phone up to
record the whole thing. - "I don't know how to play it, but I will learn!"

DyLon surprised me when he told me that he was prepared to contribute $250 to the purchase! Wow!

I finally made my selection and Hideko-san took it into the back of the shop whereupon the man who
crafted the instrument made some final adjustments and placed decals in the correct spot along the neck.

While he busied himself with that she brought us come coffee and little cakes.

Before long the craftsman, Teruya Rinjirou, emerged with the sanshin sparkling clean and ready to play.
I asked him if he'd play a bit and he graciously acquiesced. I'm delighted that DyLon recorded part of it!

In all, I bought the sanshin, the pick (tsume, or bachi, instruction book, CD, electronic tuner,
a regular flat pick, Rinken Band towel, 3 extra strings, 1 replacement key, and a hard carrying case. Yowzah!!

Some day, when I'm somewhere near competent, I'll post a video of me playing something on this thing.

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