Saint Patrick's Day Parade, Chuo Park Avenue, Okinawa City - March 18, 2017
Saturday - March 18, 2017

Ah, it was a wonderful day for a parade! No rain. A little cloudy but it was welcomed to calm some of
that sun making it a very pleasant day to be out and about. I came to Koza a little early, staked my claim
and set up camp on Chuo Park Avenue. Purely by chance I discovered that I had picked out a spot right
outside of a little soba house! What a deal! With Dr. Bung and Kelly to keep me company I sat and waited.

I didn't wait very long though before the aroma got to me. I went in and placed an order.

After ordering I went back outside to get some images of the place then went back insode.

I asked the proprietor the name of the restaurant and he wrote out this note for me

While waiting for my soba creation I "chatted" (if you can call stumbling all over my limited
Japanese a chat) with these fellas. They were interested in my Panasonic camera - maybe
because they hadn't seen one that ancient before - and we talked about why I was on the island.

"Camp Mikku"

While slurping soba I bided my time people-watching under a perfectly clouded afternoon

When the talent started showing up I knew that parade time was approaching

The guys across the street were doing a bang-up business selling yakitori and whatever else they had


I tried something new - I mounted my SJCam (similar to a GoPro) to the top of my hat. Turned out pretty well, I think.

At some point the parade came to a stand-still accompanied only by snare drums. I took time to enjoy the kids' enthusiasm.

BONUS! When the parade got to the east end of Chuo Park Avenue they turned around and made a second pass.

On their return trip down "B.C. Street" they were playing Okinawan traditional. Tinsagu nu Hana - Yay!

I don't know who this guy is but he fancied himself some sort of celebrity

After the parade I headed back over to Gate 2 Street (Route 20).

Along the way I passed a vegetable and fruit wholesale store operated by the Agricultural Association.
It looked mighty inviting but I didn't stop in. Darn! I also didn't bother with Toyama's liquor store. I just
wandered down some "back alley" streets and gawked at things in life that I hadn't seen in years.

And I reminisced as I walked past the Montblanc. Too bad it's no longer a restaurant.

On my walk back to the USO where I had parked the car I encountered a fella whom I had seen a few times before. Nice man.
As you may surmise, yes, I was limping. I'm usually not quite THAT bouncy with the camera!

So ended a fun day on Chuo Park Avenue and the Saint Patrick's Day parade!

After that I stopped off at Koza Music Town

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Thanks, Mick

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