Rainy Monday - every day can't be Paradise
Monday - March 13, 2017

Kyo wa takusan ame ga !

When I make my trips to Okinawa it's not for just a few days. I want to "live on Okinawa"
for at least a month. Along with living there comes the reality that once in a while I am
going to have to accept what Mother Nature brings. This was just such a day. I hung
around the house for the morning but come afternoon, rain or not, I had to get out and
do something. I figured that the rain might have brought with it fewer drivers so I set out
in the afternoon to just drive around and try to become a little more familiar with the area.

I also noticed a very useful street sign and thought to look for those the rest of my trip.

As long as I was out and about I might as well stop at a couple of stores. I've been out of
fixin's for the fridge so decided to get some stuff to cook up for supper later on. I figured
that the rain wasn't going to let up and I would probably not feel up to eating out.

I remembered how much I enjoyed those noodle chips that Tsakatsa-san had given me
the night before so set out to find some. I really like those little beggars! Find 'em I did!

Uchi ni kaerou - Let's go home...

Remember those veggies I bought? Well I didn't use them that day as planned. But did this day !

Here's what became of 'em

This was the first day that I bothered to turn on the TV, cooked up some supper, popped open a
bottle of Boss iced coffee and just vegetated for the rest of the night. Sometimes I need the rest!

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