Shopping for goodies on a rainy day
Saturday - March 11, 2017

So far, my 2017 trip is turning out to be the wettest since 2013. In 2014 there was only
one day when I decided to just stay "in the house" (well, I was staying in the Lester BOQ
but let's just agree to call it "in the house") because of rain. I haven't yet stayed inside due
to rain this year but on this Saturday morning I was tempted to just stay inside and plan
what to do Sunday. That feeling didn't last long though. I needed to get out and about!

This seemed to fit the bill for the day though:

The first thing that I wanted to accomplish was to get some shopping done for goodies
to send back home. It has become a conventional chore each year that I get some of
my family's favorite treats and either ship them or carry them in my luggage - doesn't
matter - just as long as I get it done! I had already bought a bunch of cookies and
crackers at Yuiyui Kunigami last week but needed smaller items, mostly candy, for the
grandkids. So, I set out to find a grocery store, figuring that I should be able to find lotsa
candies, cookies, etc. I had heard of a grocery chain that many of the GIs on island
called the "bird store". I did a little sleuthing online and found a photo of the store's
logo/sign. Bright green with bold white lettering shouldn't be too hard to find. I couldn't
remember the name of the place though. Later learned it was KANAHIGE. Nice store!
I don't remember why I was trying to find a MaxValue store but that got me on the road.

Assuming that I found what I was looking for - it was then time to go get the goodies!

Then I piddled around looking for a way to get over there!

I got inside and shopped around for a while. Found a few goodies and some veggies - but didn't mail those! Ha!

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