Onna michi no eki
Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's always a good idea to keep a "Plan B" in your itinerary this time of year. Another rainy day
knocked out the original plan to go to Bios on the Hill where Mike and I were to meet up
with Michael B Martin from Furugen. So, instead we took a ride down Highway 58 and found this!

Later in the day, after we'd had our fun and I'd driven Michael back up to Kin Town I decided to
run a couple of errands. First on the list was to find some Felix Gum. Amazing how little is known
anymore about that stuff and it's even more difficult to find. Many Okinawans hadn't even heard of
it! Anyway, I stopped in at a couple od stores - Kanehide and the MaxValue in Ishikawa. No luck.

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Thanks, Mick

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