Car wash, our old house and meet for lunch
with Michael Martin at Yomitan Soba Shop

Wednesday - March 8, 2017

It's Wednesday. DyLon is leaving tomorrow to get back to his wife and business. Not looking forward
to hs departure. I remember when Zac left early in 2015 and it wasn't a fun day then either.

Nevertheless we were ready to make the most of the day. We had planned to meet with Michael Martin
in Yomitan for lunch at his favorite spot - the Yomitan Soba Shop. It really is a nice little restaurant too!

I went outside to wash the car before setting out for the day. At the ready was a bucket of soapy water, a rag,
the hose, etc. then I discovered that there wasn't a handle on the outside faucet so couldn't get any water!

I gave the house a thorough search and couldn't find a handle.
So it turned out that our first (unexpected) item on the itinerary was to go find a handle.

We drove around a bit looking for a hardware store. Couldn't find one so eventually settled for a pair of pliers.

With the car cleaned up we took off for Yomitan.

Once we got out there we had a little time to kill so looked up our old house. DyLon hadn't seen
since we left the island back in 1990 and unless he went out there after we moved onto Kadena
Air Base he likely hadn't seen the old homestead since 1988. Despite the major changes to the
area in order to make way for the Rte 58 Bypass our old house remains intact, a mere block from
the new elevated road that runs right smack-dab through the heart of our old stomping grounds!

There it stood in all it's splendor! A new paint job - it used to be stark white. Now, the soft
yellow with orange trim looked pretty good. I think it was this same color when I saw it in 2015 too.

This video is one I made back in 2014 when I went in search of our old house. At the time I was
afraid that it had been torn down in order to make way for the Bypass. But I was happy to find it!

We moseyed over to the main gate of Torii Station where we had arranged to meet up with Michael.
There was a lot of construction going on at the gate which was closed. But we didn't need to be on post.

Before too long Michael Martin arrived, he and DyLon met and then we were off to lunch at the Soba Shop.

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