A Drive to Hamahiga Island Along the Kaichu Douro
Part 2 - from Umi-no eki out to Hamahiga

Friday - March 10, 2017

Okay. All finished poking around the gift shop and with ice cream in hand it's onward
to Hamahiga Island where, this time, I'll go to the left at the "T" to get to Higa Village.

In July, 2017, Japan announced that it will be increasing the crude oil storage capacity on
Henza Island by 30%. The oil is owned by Saudi Arabia's Saudi Aramco. In return for
free storage on its island Japan lays claim to the stockpile in the event of "an emergency".
What constitutes "an emergency" isn't quite clearly defined. Back in the 1940s Japan's
reliance on foreign oil (the U.S. was its prime provider) got it into a bit of a quandry.

What I thought initially to be a cave turned out to be a natural spring.

In the course of researching the spring I came across this handy-dandy map of the island:
Hamahiga Island (pdf)

Well, minnasama, that takes care of today's attept to explore and enjoy Hamahiga.
Got rained out but that's okay. Daijoubu ne! I'll be coming back in a few days.

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