Ikei Beach on a dreary spring day
Thursday - March 16, 2017

This was definitely not a beach day but it had been at least two decades since I had been
out this way so it was a necessity to stop despite the fact that I didn't anticipate seeing too
many people or too much beach activity. Nevertheless, we went - mainly 'cause Mike told me
that they had a pretty decent restaurant. You know... me and food have always been chummy!

So, after Waitui we headed over the Kaichu Douro and on to Hanza, Mitagi and Ieki Islands.

Please be aware - the following videos contains mild foul language - the really foul stuff has been cut.

I know that I've already taken you over Kaichu Douro in previous days but I included it today because there's
actually some conversation with Mike. I usually don't do a lot of talking during my windshield tours. There's
a purpose for that, you see. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and enjoy the ride without a bunch of yakkin'

At 6:43 we cross the bridge from Henza to Miyagi Island.

We finally arrived at Ikei Beach. Nice place but the weather wasn't very good for beach-going.
I really like the approach to the red bridge that crosses over onto Ikei Island.

Hmmmm... a conundrum - I remember having taken photos and/or video of the restaurant,
the public area outside of the restaurant, the beach - the guy even let me climb up into the
lifeguard's tower to take some photos. I cannot find any of those now. Maybe I've mis-filed
them somewhere. If I have and if I find them I'll add them to this feature. Darn! Meanwhile
then, let's move on to our next stop - Nakabaru.

Rats! Okay, I'm over it (temporarily, anyway) so let's proceed... to Nakabaru

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Thanks, Mick

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