Just a day of bummin' 'round - then a beer
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

There wasn't much happening this Tuesday, the 21st of March. You know how some days
are destined to be easy and laid-back? Well, this was one of 'em. By the end of this third
week I was definitely in my "living on Okinawa" mode instead of being a tourist on Okinawa.

I was in a nice place between being almost exhausted and planning what to do next. A very
fun, relaxing and rewarding place to be. Well, on this day I remembered that I had promised
someone - can't remember who though - that I would get some photos of the construction of
the "new and improved" NCO club at Kadena Air Base. The Fabulous Rocker Club is but a
memory. It was torn down several months before this year's visit to the island. So, I went to
the base and took a few photos. I'm hoping that, in time, someone will send me some photos
of the progress since March and then I'll be able to compare with the next time I'm on the base.

I saw this on the sidewalk as I was skirting the site. Maybe someone will see it and holler to me, "Hey! That's me!"
C'mon, Scott Mc - gimme a shout.

I stopped in at the USO to get in touch with Tatsuya Niigaki. The Internet at the house in Uruma went on the Fritz
and the only means of communication that i had with him was through Airbnb. I had his phone number for a true
emergency but he said to contact him via Airbnb because he doesn't speak a lick of English. With no Internet at
the house, and since I was going to the base anyway, I decided to stop at the USO and log on from there. I made
contact then took off for the commissary to load up on a few provisions. On the way back I stopped and took the
photos of the construction site. Back at the USO I found his reply - to meet him back at the house around 3:00pm.

I drove around a bit to kill time since I had less than two hours. Enough time to goof off but not enough to go and
do anything meaningful. But it was a "day off" for me anyway. So I drove around and got a bunch of random scenes:

It is images such as these that makes Okinawa such a memorable place. Scenes like these are just plain dear to me!

I got back to the house on time and got another "pocket hot spot" that worked and life was good again.
I cooked myself a late lunch and then did the unspeakable.... fell asleep! Actually took a nap!

Later on I moseyed on down the road into Konbu Village and visited with Tsakatsa-san, had a beer and watched a ball game.

Whew! Big day, eh? It's all part of my plan for living on Okinawa for one month each year. Naps included!

And then.... Minnasama oyasuminasai! Mata ashita.

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Thanks, Mick

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