Bios on the Hill
Monday, March 27, 2017

Our first plan called for three of us to converge on this place a couple of days ago. Michael B Martin, who lives
in Furugen, Yomitan had agreed to meet Michael Lynch and me on Saturday but weather had a different plan.

The following desciption is from Be.Okinawa (en,

coord 26.42547,127.794473
Located in Ishikawa City, Bios on the Hill is a park with a forest where giant ferns grow luxuriantly,
a lakeshore where wild birds and insects gather, where orchids naturally bloom, and a dense sub-
tropical forest spreads. Enjoy the bounties of Mother Nature either on foot or on board a boat. The
boat takes you on a 25-minute jungle cruise that runs about 1km long. The boat captain is your
guide and introduces the surrounding nature. Annexed to the park is the Bios on the Hill Garden
Center, Japanís largest orchid specialized production greenhouse. Open to orchid aficionados, the
garden exhibits a wealth of orchard species that are also for sale.
Wow! What a great place to visit!

I'm giving you my Bios tour in three separate sessions since the whole thing is a little over an hour.

Next came the big one for me - the jungle cruise

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Thanks, Mick

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