Showing DyLon our old house in Aza-Oki
Sunday - March 5, 2017

Lunch at Coco Ichibanya was good.
Now, let's go find our old house in Aza-Oki. DyLon's memory was spot on and he got
a kick out of seeing the area where he first began his skateboarding adventures.

These are images of the old house that DyLon took.

He confessed to something that we didn't know about back in the '80s. He used to go out his bedroom sliding
door onto the balcony, crawl over the rail, drop down to the concrete awning over the 1st floor window (where you
see their air-conditioner) then drop to the ground and take off during the night! Guess he's too big now for a spankin'.

The stairs that led up to our front door. A dentist from Kadena AB and his family lived downstairs.

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