A couple of stops around Kin Town
Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sururu Gama had been a heck of a trip and afterwards we headed back up to
Kin Town. Along the way I stopped to take a few pics of a woman working in her rice
paddy. Nice photos of that "old time Okinawa" that we hold dear in our memories.

Except for the modern concrete structures these were images of how it was ages ago.

Our day had grown long and despite the huge bento that we had while waiting for the ebb tide
there were some early pangs of hungry-for-soba brewing. Michael and I stopped in at one of
his favorite haunts near Kin Town - Yaka soba house.

Nice homey atmosphere. The only adults we saw were the patrons. The restaurant was being run by teen-agers.

Michael had a bowl of soba but I went whole-hog and ordered grilled steak with peppers and onions.
It was the toughest, chewiest steak I've ever had on the island. I should have ordered the soki soba!

The staff was very pleasant and over-all I enjoyed the experience as did my other traveling companions.

Dr. Bung and Kelly met a friend at the Yaka soba house.

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Thanks, Mick

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