Ride-along on Route 24 from 330 west to American Village
Tuesday - March 14, 2017

After finishing up business at the AEON/Rycom I headed over to American Village.
Ride along with me as I twist and turn down one of my favorite urban roads - Rte 24.

If you don't care for the "windshield tours" then you won't care much for this page.

In this first segment of the drive I intended to go back to catch Rte 24 as it only
occurred to me as I was driving that I should go to find some Felix Gum. I had
only a few requests from family this year and one of the top priorities was to...

I'd really like to some day coast all the way down Rte 24, from east to west, in a go-cart! But in order to do
that they'd have to close off all the intersections and give me green lights all the way. Not gonna happen.

If you like watching these videos in Full Screen just click on the full-screen icon on the smaller
video screen. At the end, just hit/tap your "Esc" (escape) button to bring you back to this page.

Too bad it's so late in the day. It makes the images look darker than it really was.

Now we're really getting into the good twists and turns. Love it - except for those darned stop lights.

Remember, this is a high resolution video so you should set your viewer to 1080p for best image quality. At 0:44
in this next one you'll see a house with a terrific white-accented tiled roof. I stopped there a couple years ago
to get some photos and to get a drink from the machine on the left at 0:52 - didn't have much room to pull over!

The "red" parts of the road are paved with a more abrasive surface that allows for better traction when wet.

Looks like I sat at the light in the left turn lane for no good reason. *sigh*

I'll have to try to remember to check and see how that overpass turned out. Maybe they were repainting it.

In this next one you'll see the Golfs place then the Blue Seal and Starbuck's. Those were
my "landmarks" that I watched for back in 2014 when I was staying in the BOQ on Lester.

I like to try to park in the lot behind American Depot when I go to American Village. Easier
to find my car that way. The big parking lot across the road confuses me. I'm old, okay?

Aww-right! So, here we are. Now to try (in vain) to locate a few boxes of Firikusu gamu.

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