At American Village to find Felix Gum
...but settled for Habushu!

Tuesday - March 14, 2017

My purpose today was to try to find the little shop that Debb and I were in back in 2013.
It was in that store that we found lots and lots of Felix Gum. I have been quite been quite
surprised to find how few stores there are that sell that stuff. Even more surprising to me
are the number of shop-keepers (the majority of whom appear to be younger than 25) who
say they've never heard of it. Even when I show them a photo of the wrapped gum they just
shrug their shoulders, tell me arimasen and suggest another place that might have some.

I started out just walking around, gawking and filming like a tourist.

If I remember correctly, the last time that I was in American Village it was my last day on island
and I had been walking around looking for a Highway 58 decal. Today, it was something else.
Ferikusu gamu arimaska? Yeah, I do remember correctly, and that day I struck out too.
Despite striking out again it was still fun to walk around, watching people and seeing the shops.

I kept walking in and out of the many little "side streets" with hopes of recognizing the Felix Gum shop

One guy got a kick outta the patches on my jacket - one with the Okinawa Prefectural flag and the other
a Route 58 patch. I hadn't noticed before that the back side of American Village ran out to the coast.

This next segment is not one of my best for camera work, I got distracted too many times.
Oh, look! A squirrel!

Well, if I couldn't find Felix gum then the least I could (and should) do is get a bottle of awamori
with a snake coiled up inside. I'm looking at the bottle as I type this now - and it's still unopened!
Well, I lied. I'm looking at the box. The bottle's in the box. And for the $$$ it's staying in the box!

Then one more last ditch effort to score some Felix!

So that ends my quest for Felix Gum. Empty-handed, except for the habushu, I departed for adventures yet to be realized.

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