Tsakatsa-san's "M3" bar and Kazei's cafe
Monday - March 6, 2017 - Our first visit

Monday wasn't a very exciting day. We had knocked around in Koza and got back to our house in Uruma kinda early.
Later in the evening we struck out for some local dinner fare hoping to find a little hole-in-the-wall cafe. We hit paydirt!

We accidentally - or incidentally perhaps - stumbled upon a tiny establishment along the narrow street that runs from
our house down the hill into the little village. Good fortune led us to the "M3" - a tiny tavern run by a shy fella named
Tsakatsa and his mother, Kazei. He turned out to be a fine host and she a terrific cook! This was the first of many visits.

The meaning of the given name Tsakatsa represents intuition, enlightenment, dreams, incoherence, anxiety,
charisma and a timid persona. After having visited his place several times before leaving the island I came
to recognize many of those qualities in my new friend.

A homey place with just the right amount of local flavor.

A decent array of spirits,

and an equally impressive variety of do-dads and souvenir-type things on display.

I was taking it all in and, of course, capturing what I could for posterity.

A compact little place it was with three or four bar stools, and the kitchen beyond a cluttered business counter,

and a supply of our favorites.

A piping hot bowl of Okinawa soba and refreshing cold bottle of Orion kept me happy.

A gaming machine that looked like it was straight out of the 1980s

Shisa made entirely of sea shells and coral. I asked Tsakatsa-san how much but found they're not for sale.

So ended our first visit to the M3

"Points of Interest" along our walk back to the house.

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