Sunabe Seawall

and its Art - Nov 2, 2015

Today was a good day for just taking a lazy drive and the weather/lighting was perfect for something I had wanted to do
back during my 2014 trip, but never quite got accomplished. Off to the Sunabe Seawall to photograph the artwork thereon!

I drove around the Sunabe area for a while before and after visiting the sea wall and got some video and photos along the
Hija River. As predicted, there were quite a few fishermen but not as many as I had thought there'd be. Enough though.

W-A-Y too much dashboard in this one. Sorry. I didn't bring the correct mount with me that day.
It soon becomes most evident that I was just exploring a bit before getting down to the sea wall.
But for anyone watching who used to live in that area you just might enjoy seeing your old haunts!

To overcome the horrendous dashboard hogging up the screen I mounted the camera on the outside.
Better video but LOTS of wind! It's been fun for me to bring this to ya. Hope you've enjoyed it!

Now, it's go home time. See ya