Niyathiya Gama

Niyathiya Gama is another one of those places that Zac and I visited in 1990 and then again this year - 2015.

There are many caves along the southwest coast of the island and Niyathiya Cave is on west side of Kawahira-ku.
From the sea, the large rocks create a blind corner and the cave was used by the villagers as an air-raid shelter during World War II, and as it protected many lives from the war it became known as Sennin Gama (cave of 1,000 people). Since the olden days childless women have visited the cave and legend has it that one's wishes will be granted the year one picks up the large rock inside the cave.
(Source: posted on a sign at the cave site)

Next is an amusing video. On the left is our visit in 1990 and this year (2015) is on the right.

This is the 'Fertility Stone' (or, in Japanese, Kodakara-ishi - 'Child Stone')
Some believe that the stone is possessed by a god who can determine whether or not
a woman is pregnant. Many women come to this location if they've been unable to conceive.

It is believed that if the woman thinks the stone is heavy, she will bear a boy;
if it feels light to her then it'll be a girl.

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