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Wharton    Joins    the    USPV    "Dream    Team"

   Personal Info:
     * "First and foremost, I love the Lord! I would be nothing 
       without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"
     * Melissa received her B.A. Degree in Music with concentrations  
       in voice and piano from Bucknell University.
     * She was born on November 20, 1976 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

     * BA degree in music with concentrations in voice and piano,
       Selected as one of the twenty-four outstanding seniors at 
       Bucknell University in a class of almost 1,000, honored for 
       contributions to diversity and co-curricular activities at 
       Bucknell, Dean's List, Patriot League Honor Roll
    Athletic- in the sport on volleyball: 
     * Christy Mathewson Award for superior athletic
       achievement, three time All-Patriot League 1st team selection 
       in women's volleyball, Featured in Sports Illustrated's Face's
       in the Crowd, national Student-Athlete of the week by USA 
       Today, top ten in the nation in women's volleyball for hitting
       percentage and blocks/game from fall of 1995 through 1998, 
       1997 Bucknell Athlete of the Year, SubWay's October 1997 
       Athlete of the month, 1997 All-American nominee, numerous 
       all-tournament,MVP, and player of the week awards.
     * Featured on four recordings of the Rooke Chapel Choir at
       Bucknell University, N.A.T.S. semifinalist
     * Featured in many other local, national, and international 
       publications for music and volleyball
     * 1997-1998 co-director for the Bucknell Univ. Gospel Choir

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Melissa Wharton

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