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Teaching Reading
Page last updated September 8, 2000 8:10 p.m. EST
Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children (online book)
Oral Reading Improving Fluency





Essence of the Story A simplified version of The Case of the Anxious Nephew along with comprehension questions.

Making A Story Modified work for a 6th grade student reading and writing at 2nd/3rd grade level. Helps student take charge of his/her writing process.

Sight-word Soup Game
Dolch Word List

Dolch Word List (another site)

100 Most Frequent Words in Reading

Helping Your Child Learn to Read
Pre-Reading Activities for Blind Preschoolers

Reading Methods and Learning Disabilities

How Children Learn to Read

Strategy Instruction for Problem-Solving Unknown Words

Story Place: Children's Stories Find fairy tales, Green Book, Yellow Book, Violet Book and other stories online here.

100 Easy Lessons to Learn to Read

Effective Reading Programs

A Remedial Reading Cure Use closed-caption videos with the sound off on the tv to practice reading skills.

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