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New Curriculum Sources
Please be careful of sending credit card information over an unsecure server. Not all companies offer ordering on a secure server. In those situations I always feel more comfortable calling direct.

 Timberdoodle Company Nice site, friendly people, good prices. They have Miquon math and lots of other good stuff.

 John Holt's Bookstore You can find some good stuff here--kind of off-the-beaten path and hands-on learning.

 Emmanuel Center Very friendly, very quick and good prices, too. I get my Pathways Readers from this company.

 Failure-Free Reading The designers of this program offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if it does not teach your child to read. Their site states that this program is not edutainment, that it is research-based and concentrates on either enrichment or remediation.

 American Printing House for the Blind

 Miller Educational Tools Offers a product called 'Pockets,' an educational tool designed to help visual learners learn to process and organize information. The site says it is especially helpful for young children or children with LD.

 Flaghouse, Inc. Comprehensive company offering four different catalogs: PE/Recreation, Special Populations, Rehab and Furniture. All of them specialize in serving people with disabilities.

 PCI Educational Publishing

 Mayer-JohnsonHome of the BoardMaker and communication boards for people with severe disabilities or inability to talk.

 Education Software Catalogs Metalinks Visit this site if you are looking for anything related to assistive technology or companies serving people with disabilities. Not just software.

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