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Adaptive/Assistive  Technology
   EZscreen Touchscreens
   IBM Special Needs Systems
   Microsoft Accessibility Technology
   Mayer-Johnson Picture Communication Symbols
   ABLE-NET Internet Service for people with disabilities
   Speaking to Write: Realizing the Potential of Speech Recognition Software
   Ai Squared Screen Magnification
   Instructional/Classroom Accommodations #1
   Instructional/Classroom Accommodations #2
   Instructional/Classroom Accommodations #3
   Accommodations for Students with AD/HD & LD
Adaptive Physical Education
   Feldenkrais in Adaptive PE
   Adaptive PE at PE Central
   PE Lesson Ideas
   The Alertness Log
   Guide to Using the Alertness Log
   The Consistency Log
   Guide to Using the Consistency Log
   The Effort Log
   Guide to Using the Effort Log
   Diagnosing ADD with the Snap-IV Rating Scale
   Teaching Tips
   Even More Teaching Tips
   Getting and Maintaining the Student's Attention
   Using Technology to Teach Spelling
   Back In Control Behavior Modification Program
   Attention Deficit Disorders Made Easy
   How to Teach ADD/ADHD Children
   The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses (a booklet by child-advocate, John Breeding who speaks out against using drugs to manage active children.)
   ADD/ADHD: Homeschooling is the Best Way
(See also Legal Assistance)
   The Special Ed Advocate Newsletter
   The Art of Writing Advocacy Letters
   SNAP Online: Special Needs Advocate for Parents
   Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates
   Advocacy for Children with Long-Term Medical Issues
   Disability Rights Advocates
   Special Ed Advocacy Tip of the Week
   State Protection & Advocacy Agencies
   Parent Training and Information Centers (From the PACER organization. Listed by State)
   Amicus For Children (Free advocacy services to parents of special needs children)
   LD Self-Advocacy Manual
Applied Behavior Analysis
   Using TEACCH at Home (complete instructions and lessons to teach basic skills to children with autism and other severe disabilities)
   Stimulus Control and Prompt Hierarchy FAQ
   ABA Resources for Recovery from Autism
   Bridges: A Complete ABA Training Program
   Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate
   Introduction to Functional Behavioral Assessments
   Motivation Assessment Scale
   Blank Functional Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Plan Forms
   Examples of Completed Functional Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Forms
   ose info: Functional Behavioral Assessment
   Functional Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Plan Training Online
   Free Reading Assessment
   Parent's Guide to Understanding Developmental Assessment
   FairTest.org (Explores the need and usefulness of testing)
   Test Score Discrepancy Analyzer 2.0
   Blackstone Audiobooks
   Audiobook Channel at Yahoo! Broadcast (free to download)
   Candlelight Stories Story Theater (free audiobooks to download)
   MP3.com (free audiobooks and music)
   Learning With Audiobooks
Auditory Therapy
   EASe CD for Auditory Hypersensitivity
   Tomatis Method
   Samonas Sound Therapy
   Comparison of Fast ForWord and Earobics
   Auditory Memory Strategies and Activities
   Strategies for Improving Auditory & Visual Comprehension of Language
   Special Kids Learning Resource Network (videos and books for kids with autism)
   Division TEACCH Structured Teaching
   Toilet Training Using Structured Teaching
   Communication Incentives
   Building Communication Around Routines
   Teaching Social Skills (from the Syracuse Community-Referenced Curriculum)
   Learning Styles and Autism
   Self-Injurious Behavior
   Physical Exercise and Autism
   Comparison of Fast ForWord and Earobics
   Sensory Integration
   Vision Therapy
   Teaching Tips
   Families for Early Autism Treatment
   Teaching Children With Autism Excellent ABA site with free curriculum!
Bipolar (Manic-Depression)
   Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
   Pediatric Psychiatry Pamplets
Book Clubs
   Stuart Brent Children's Bookclub for Gifted and Reluctant Readers (totally personalized bookclub that will work with your child's needs)
   Golden Books
   Children's Braille Book- of-the-Month Club
Behavior Disorders
   Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach (live chat transcript with author)
   Addressing Student Problem Behavior
   Gold Star Junkies (do 'gold star' reinforcements produce real learning? From Teacher Magazine)
   Discipline without Stress, Rewards or Punishments
Brain-Based Learning
   Brain-Friendly Learning
   Brain-based Learning: An Overview
   12 Design Principles for Brain-Based Learning
   Brain-based Learning--Where's the Proof?
   Brain-Based Learning--A Quiz
   Practical Classroom Applications of Current Brain Research
   Principles of Brain-Based Learning
   Camp Allen Bedford, NH
   Wonderland Camp Missouri
   Fact Sheet on Summer Camps
   Therapy/Respite Camps
Central Auditory Processing Disorder
   Ladle Rat Rotten Hut (RealAudio simulation of how someone with CAPD hears)
   Living and Working with Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
   Cerebral Palsy Network
   Cerebral Palsy: A Multimedia Tutorial
   Cerebral Palsy: A Guide for Care
Child Development
   NNCC Child Development Database
   Asperger's Syndrome: A Developmental Puzzle
   Stages of Intellectual Development in Children and Teens (Piaget)
   Stages of Social-Emotional Development in Children and Teens (Erickson)
   Child Development Tools and Calculators
   Child Development and Autism: A Cerebellar-Prefrontal Model
   Corporal Punishment by Mothers and Its Impact on Cognitive Development
Considering Homeschooling
   Learning Disabled and Gifted: A Homeschool Perspective
   Special Education or Homeschooling: Sorting Out the Options
   Homeschooling the Child with NonVerbal LD
   Homeschooling: Great Idea or Big Mistake?
   Homeschooling the Gifted Child
Data Tools
   Chart Dog Progress Monitoring Charts
   OKAPI! Reading Probe Generator
   CBA Assessment Generator
   Test Score Discrepancy Analyzer 2.0
Disability Information Clearinghouses
   Electronic Curbcuts
   Half the Planet
Downloadable Forms
   Record-Keeping Blank Forms (free download and print)
   Graph Paper, Grid Paper, Timelines, Etc. (Blank to print and use directly with the student)
   Homeschool Solutions Recordkeeping Software (free 30-day trial)
   Teaching Deaf, Blind and Dumb Children
   The Two-Handed Manual Alphabet
   The Deafblind Manual Alphabet
   CUEmmunication: Beginning Communication with People Who Are Deafblind
   Strategies to Promote Early Eating Skills
   The Too-Hard Basket: Education for People Who Are Deafblind
   Children With Cortical Vision Impairment: Implications for Education
   A-Z Deafblind
Down Syndrome
   Down Syndrome: Teaching Reading and Language
   Use of a Reading Program and Signing to Develop Language Skills
   Down Syndrome Research and Practice
   Overview of Homeschooling a Child with Down Syndrome
   Down Syndrome Teaching Strategies
   Reading Before Talking
   Toilet Training
   Developing Number and Maths Skills
Early Intervention (0-3 years)
   Zero To Three
   TykeTALK Stages of Speech and Language Development (click on Ages and Stages)
   Developmental Checklist
   Responding To Children
   Toddler Development and Activities
   Enhancing Language Development in Young Children
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
   Test-Taking Tips
   Tips for Teaching Students with CFIDS
   Strategies for Learning with CFIDS
   Studying for Exams
   For Parents of Sick and Worn-Out Children
   FMS in Children
Fragile X Syndrome
   National Fragile X Foundation
   Fragile X Research Foundation
   Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada
   Genetics Birth Defects Center
   Lesson Plans for Fragile X
   The Bookcart (free hardcopy paperbacks)
   All the Best Free Teacher Resources
   Coupons for Kids
Federal/National Disability Resources
   Captioned Media Program (closed caption videos free to borrow)
   US Department of Education Homepage
   Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
   OSER's IDEA '97 Homepage
   Easter Seals
Functional Skills
   A Case for Teaching Functional Skills (Must Read!)
Gifted and Disabled
   Dual Exceptionalities
   Learning Disabled and Gifted: A Homeschooling Perspective
   Giftedness and Learning Disabilities
   ADD and Gifted
Hearing Impairment
   Deaf Homeschool Network
   College and Career Programs for Deaf Students
   Captioned Media Program
   Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms
   Animated Sign Language Dictionary
   John Tracy Clinic (free local and distance education courses for parents of young children and  young children who are hearing impaired or deaf-blind)
   SignWriting: Read, Write and Type All Sign Languages
   Handspeak Sign Language Dictionary and Tutorial
   Another Path
Homeschool and Education Search Engines
   Awesome Library K12 Educational Directory
   Education World
   Gateway to Educational Materials
   Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library
   The Lesson Plan Search Engine
Homeschool Organizations
   Homeschool Legal Defense Association
   National Home Education Network
   National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (NATHHAN)
   National Home Education Research Institute
Humanitarian Aid
   The Hunger Site Donate free food!
   The Rainforest Site Donate free square feet of rainforest!
   The Fund for Animals
   The Animal Rescue Site
   Build A School
Identification Aids
   Beverly Hills Collar Co.
   Emergency ID Shoe Tags
   Medic Alert
   Medic Assist
   ID Ideas
   Browel's Medical ID Tags
International Disability, Homeschool and Special Education
   International Journal of Special Education
   International Disability News Ticker
   Disability World Webzine
Learning Disabilities
   Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (free)
   LD Online
   Simplified Learning by Joyce Herzog
   Gifted and Learning Disabled: Twice Exceptional
   Troubleshooting Learning Problems
   Reading Methods and LD
   How Children Learn to Read
   Features of Good Learning Strategies
   What Teachers Can Do About LD
   Adapting Math Instruction
   Strategies for Building Word Attack Skills
   Using Children's Literature to Teach Social Skills
   Interventions for Dyslexia
   Multisensory Approach to Spelling
   Dealing with Dysgraphia
   Math Learning Disabilities
   DOs and DONTs for Fostering Social Competence
   Homeschooling the Child with Nonverbal LD
   Teaching Organizational and Study Skills
   10 Tips for Developing Good Organizational Skills
   Developing Fluency with Basic Number Facts
   Teaching Tolerance of Annoyances and Distractions
   LD Self-Advocacy Manual
   Practical LD Information
Learning Styles
   Learning Styles: Nurturing the Genius in Each Child
   Learning Styles and Autism
   Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligence (MI)
   Keirsey Temperament and Character Website (including online questionnaire)
  Legal Assistance
   Council of Parents Attorneys and Advocates
   Law Crawler (State and National legal information search engine, including disability and special education law)
   Wrightslaw ( up-to-date information on disability/education issues)
   Special Ed Law Legal Rights, Strategies and Resources
   IDEA Regulations
   ADA Information Line
   American's With Disabilities Act (ADA)
   Overview of ADA, IDEA and Section 504
   Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Life Skills
   101 Picture Recipes Cookbook and Teacher's Manual ($22.50 from ARC)
   Helping Your Child Learn Math
   Math Learning Disabilities
   Math Stories
   Fantastic Math Tricks
   Fraction Shapes
   MathTalk: Math without the mouse or keyboard
   Teaching Math to Students with Visual Impairments
   Math Forum Resources
   Multiplication Flashcards Software
   TouchMath (This is an excellent math program!)
   Money Instructor
Medical Information
   NeedyMeds (Comprehensive list of free/low-cost medications)
   The Medicine Program (Free/Low-cost medications)
Montessori Method
   Practical Life Activities
   Math Activities
   Language Development Activities
   Sensorial-Motor Development
   Montessori Homeschooling
   Montessori-Renaissance Parenting Q&As
   Montessori Learning Environment at Home
   Montessori Teaching and Teacher Training
   Montessori Information for Homeschoolers
   Winning Systems for Motivation (free e-book on how to motivate children using realistic reward strategies)
   Gold Star Junkies (do 'gold star' reinforcements produce real learning? From Teacher Magazine)
Movies Involving Disabilities
   Movies About Developmental Disabilities
Music Therapy
   Tips for Using Music In Therapy
   Rivanna Music Singing Sounds CD/Cassettes
   MoJo's Musical Mouseum Children's Song Lyrics
Newsletters and Magazines
   At Our Own Pace (free newsletter)
   Eclectic Homeschool Online Magazine (free)
   Nurturing Magazine Online
   Exceptional Parent Magazine Online
   American Montessori's Homeschool Newsletter
   Special Child Online Newsletter
   Mrs. Alphabet (free newsletter with ideas for teaching alphabet, phonics and math)
   Special Ed News
   Recipes4Learning Newsletter
   The Special Ed Advocate (by Wrightslaw)
   Education Week on the Web
   Disability Resources on the Web Newsletter
   Teacher Magazine Online
   The Catalyst (Quarterly newsletter about disabilities/technology)
   Disability Solutions Newsletters
   Palaestra: Forum for Sport, PE, and Recreation for the Disabled
   Instructor Magazine Online
   The World Around You (For deaf and hard-of-hearing teens.)
   Odessy-New Directions in Deaf Education
   Assistive Media (Real Audio recordings of popular magazines.)
   News-4-You Picture Symbol Newspaper
Occupational Therapy (Fine Motor)
   Developing Fine Motor Skills:  Activities
   Food Handling Skills: Fine Motor Development
   Motor Development: Providing Experiences
   Occupational Therapy, Fine Motor and Visual Aids
Online Books and Libraries
   Library In the Sky
   The Internet Public Library
   National Library of Education
   Bartleby Library: Great Books Online
   On-Line Books
   Free E-Books (American History, Educational, Fairy Tales, Greek Myths,  Parenting)
   Free Books for Children
Online Learning
   2Learn Educational Resources
   WorldWide Learn (free)
   Free Training with Freeskills.com
   Knowledge Hound (free)
   WannaLearn.com (free family-safe online tutorials)
   Free-Ed.Net (free education on the Internet)
   Weekly Online Lessons Index (free to your email)
   Interactive Piano Lessons Online
   The Tutorials Search Engine
   Parenting Special Needs (at About.com)
   Our Kids
   The Father's Network
Physical Therapy (Gross Motor)
   Physical Therapy in Down Syndrome
   Exercises to Improve Balance
   Foam Roller Thoracic Extension Exercises
   Stretching Exercises
   Strengthening Exercises
   How To Make Your Own Exercise Weights
   Exercises and Arthritis (stretching and strengthening exercises)
   Use of Physical Exercise to Improve Behavior of Children with Autism
   Gross Motor Developmental Skills Birth to Age 8
   Motor Development:  Providing Experiences
Pro-life for All
   Abortion Survivors
   Abortion Facts.com
   The Moral Question of Abortion
   Is It Better for a Handicapped Child to Have Never Been Born?
   Abortion Article (touches on the handicapped/abortion issue)
   Right and Wrong Made Simple (GRAPHIC. A former abortion clinic worker's website)
Prompt Hierarchy FAQ
Professional Publications
   ED Pubs Online Ordering System
   Behavior Research and Therapy
   Index of Psychological and Social Science Journals
   Annotated Bibliography of Educational Journals
   Speech and Language Therapy in Practice
   Teaching Exceptional Children
   Beyond Behavior
Reading, Vocabulary & Grammar
   Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children
   Improving Reading Fluency
   Improving Comprehension
   Grammar Lessons
   Sight Word Soup Game
   Dolch Word List
   Reading Methods and Learning Disabilities
   How Children Learn to Read
   Strategy Instruction for Solving Unknown Words
   Using Closed Caption TV To Remediate Reading
   Therapeutic Riding and Handicapped Riding Programs
   Global Access (disability accessible travel)
   Special Olympics
   New England Handicapped Sports Association
   Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports
Savant Syndrome
   Phenomenal Talent: The Autistic Savant
   Savant Syndrome Annotated Resource List
Schools Offering Special Education Services
   Clonlara School
   The Essential Learning Institute
   National Academy of  Child Development
   Hewitt Homeschooling
   Gentle Teaching: A Non-Aversive Approach
   Hanen Early Language
   Montessori for the Earth and in the Home
   Option Institute
   The Hadley School for the Blind (free)
   Texas Tech University Extended Studies K-12
   John Tracy Clinic (free local and distance education courses for parents of young children and  young children who are hearing impaired or deaf-blind)
   Dyslexia Homeschool Support at the Greenwood Institute
   Landmark College ("the only fully accredited college designed for students with LD or ADHD")
   Power Learning Network (specializing in teaching children grades 4+ who have LD or similar disabilities)
   SeaScape Educational Center Hearing Impaired/Deaf Program
   Seton Home Study School
Sensory Integration
   The Tactile Defensive Child
   Sensory Integration FAQ
   Sensory Integration Observation Guide
   Efficacy of Sensory Integration Procedures
   Links to SI Resources
   SI Activities For Home or School
   Toys to Improve Sensory Integration Issues
   Activities for Oral Defensiveness
   A Day in the Life of Alex: Incorporating SI Activities into Daily Life
Service Animals
   Service Dog Resources in the U.S. by State
   Dogs for the Deaf (Rescuing unwanted dogs and training them for service.)
   Helping Hands Monkey Helpers
   Loving Paws Assistance Dogs (For kids under age 18)
   Support Dogs, Inc. (Service and therapy dogs.)
   The Guide Horse Foundation (miniature horses as service animals)
Sibling Support
   Sibling Support Site
   Understanding Sibling Issues (NICHCY News Digest)
Similar Sites
   Bearable Times Kids and Teens Club
   School is Dead; Learn in Freedom
Social Skills
   Understanding and Teaching Friendship Skills
   Indices of Friendship Observation Schedule
Social Stories
   Social Stories
   Social Stories Text
   Mother Goose Rebus Rhymes Software
   KD PC: StartWrite for children learning to print (free demo)
   WordQ Word Predication Software
   Orton Gillingham Dyslexia Software
   Laureate Computer Software
   Unicorn Quest Kids' Typing Game (learn to type with one, two or both hands)
   Spending Money (free demo)
   Making Change (free demo)
   ADD/ADHD Educational Freeware
   Education Software Catalogs Metalinks
   Bry-Back Manor Freeware for Special Kids
   Lexia Learning Phonics-Based Reading
   Lexia S.O.S. Reading
   Read Please Text-To-Speech Software Free!
   Community Signs Software
Speech and Language
   Q & A About Articulation Problems
   Pragmatic Language Tips
   Speech Therapy Activities (lots of free activities to promote speech and language aquisition)
   Speech Sound Aquisition in Children
   Free Ideas for Teaching Speech and Language
   Oral-Motor Myths of Down Syndrome
   Horns as Therapy Tools
   Straws as Therapy Tools
   Quia! Speech Activities
   Speech and Language Idea Exchange
   Software for Speech Therapy
   Singing Sounds Songs for Learning Early Speech Sounds
   Marvelous Mouth Music Songames for Speech Therapy
   Speech Therapy Ideas
   Speech Teach UK
   Strategies for Teaching Spelling
   Tips for Teaching Spelling
   Practical Spelling Ideas
   How Much Do You Know About Teaching Spelling?
   Five Guidelines for Teaching Spelling and Six Ways to Practice
   Forty Ways to Spice Up Your Spelling
   Spelling Ticklers
Stimulus Control FAQ
Support Information
   Comprehensive List of Special-Needs Homeschool Email Groups
   Parents Instructing Challenged Children
   Glossary of Commonly Used Acronyms
   Glossary of Acronyms
Transition Information
   Seven Components of Transition
   Disability-Friendly Colleges
   SAT and ACT Test Accommodations
   Options After High School
   Transitioning From the World of School to the World of Work (by Temple Grandin)
   Natural Life Homeschooling (Many good articles on unschooling)
   Positively ADD: Parenting and Unschooling
   Holt Growing Without Schooling
   Delight-Driven Learning
   Family Unschoolers Network
   Special Kids Learning Resource Network (videos for children with autism)
   Classroom Visuals.com (Formerly Scholastic Video Service. Offers discount to homeschooling special needs families)
   The Standard Deviants (teaching with humor!)
   Love and Learning (kits  to teach reading to kids with cognitive impairments)
   Library Video Company
Vision Impairment
   Resources for Parents and Teachers of Blind Kids
   The Hadley School for the Blind
   National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
   TSBVI Teaching Math to Visually Impaired Students
   Children's Braille Book- of-the-Month Club
   Sun Sounds Radio (online radio station that reads all kinds of print media for people who can't)
   Using Cartoons to Teach Creative Writing
   Strategies for Dealing With Dysgraphia