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My PC History    See updates at the bottom

DOB: August 7/33
First Biopsy Sept. 1992- suspicious but negative (59 years old) PSA 4.1
Second biopsy Sept. 1995- still negative (62 years old) PSA 10.0
Third (ultrasound) biopsy Jan. 1996 Positive for Prostate Cancer PSA 12.1

Bone Scan Feb. 1996 was uncertain and suggested xray. (no xray done)

Oncologists comments Jan.1996: "The ultrasound guided biopsies revealed positivity within the region of the right apex, right mid zone and right base for a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma with a total Gleason Score of 6. Biopsy from left mid zone revealed prostatic Intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2/3.
The neck and supraclavicular areas are free of adenopathy. Chest clear to auscultation. Abdominal examination negative. Testes and external genitalia unremarkable. On DRE the prostate is modestly enlarged. The entire right lobe is clinically abnormal and compatible with T3 or stage C disease."

Both my Uro and Onco suggested Radiation. While I was pondering what to do, a friend recommended contacting a Traditional Chinese Medical clinic here in Vancouver, BC.(Canada). I contacted 2 men who had been through the herbal program (including Qi Gong exercises) at this clinic. The first had both Prostate (first) and then Colon cancer. After 2 or 3 months of herbs and exercises his uro couldn't find any trace of cancer. That was nine years ago and in April of this year his PSA was still holding steady at 4.1 (now 72 Years old). He is also a born again Christian and has a very positive attitude. This is where Dr. Siminton's theary seems to come into play.      His Testimonial
The second man has now survived 6 years and is holding steady around 5.0 to 5.5 PSA. (he is now early 60s).      Two Articles re this survivor


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Regarding both these men, one of our top urologists was interviewed and had this to say:
"There is a move toward Alternative Medicine in Western society. It's a paradox, at a time when modern medicine has so much to offer". I must wonder how many stories he has read on the net.

In March of 1996 I decided to try this Traditional Chinese Medicine.
I had siatica so bad I could hardly walk, couldn't bend backwards to gargle properly and was 40 lbs overweight. I also was used to drinking 6 to 8 cans of light beer a day and my diet was normal- lots of red meat and dairy products and sweets and hardly any exercise other than the little I got at work.
I tried physo for the siatica without any satisfaction and my doctor couldn't help other than pain killers which I refused to take. Xrays didn't reveal much other than a little arthritis.
After my first week or 2 on the herbs, I still couldn't do the Qi Gong exercises so my practitioner gave me 7 days worth of special herbs for the siatica- in 5 days my siatica was gone and did not return for 2 3/4 years when I got stressed out. (see update below)

After 2 months of cooking herbs every morning (should be taken on an empty stomach), my PSA had dropped to 9.5.
Cholesterol was 7.3 and Triglycerides 1.4.
2 months more of herbs PSA was down to 7.3 and cholesterol down to 6.4.
2 more months PSA down to 7.0 but cholesterol up to 7.6.
2 more months PSA up to 7.2 and choleserol down to 6.2.
2 more months PSA up to 8.1. NOTE: this test was done at a different lab (TABOO).
1.5 more months PSA down to 5.9
2 more months PSA up to 6.6
3 more months PSA down to 5.6
3 more months PSA up to 6.0
4 more months PSA up to 6.7
4 more months PSA down to 6.3 (July 1998)
5 more months PSA up to 6.7
6 more months PSA down to 6.0 (June 1999)
6 more months PSA up to 9.5 (Jan.2000)
Something wrong here so I'm going to check it again at the end of the month.
I didn't have any herbs for the last 3 1/2 weeks and had another PSA at the end of January, 2000. Psa went down 1.4 points to 8.1
I'm going to wait 1 or 2 months and have it checked again. If it goes back up I think I will start on PC-SPES.
Started PC-SPES on April 17/00 at 4 capsules a day.
Started soaking in a warm bath with 2 cups of 35% Hydogen Peroxide every other day on May 10/00.
June 26/00- PSA down to 2.7
The only treatment I persued for the next 6 weeks was bathing in Hydogen Peroxide every other day.
Sept. 1/00- PSA back up to 7.1. Started back on PC-SPES Sept.14/00 at 3 caps a day.
Nov.17/00- PSA down to 5.3
Feb.8/01- PSA down to 4.3

Dec.31/98 cholesterol has dropped to 5.7. My doctor said I wouldn't get it below 6.6. My blood pressure, which was high, has now dropped to normal (120/70).

My practitioner associates high cholesterol with prostate cancer.

My chinese medical practitioner is a frenchman who has studied chinese medicine for over 20 years. He claims there is no real cure for PC and the third year is crucial as far as the herbal treatment is concerned. He also says that the PSA will fluctuate with the 4 seasons. They hope to get the cancer into remission and keep it there.
These treatments start off about 800.00(cdn) per month. After 2 years I now pay 340.00 a month. I, of course, wonder how much longer I will be taking the herbs but I know the money I'm spending won't do me any good when I'm in the ground. I understand that we are all different and the causes for cancer vary in each of us. I also wish that I could concentrate a little more on the POSITIVE ATTITUDE aspect. I really try, but after seeing my oncologist or urologist, I get a little depressed.

It takes me a couple of days to get it back in my head how much better I feel, how all my aches and pains have vanished, and that my doctors just couldn't really help me out other then pain killers. I remember my friend, 6 years after radiation still wearing a diaper and PSA back up to 50 and the only recommendation is castration. A man who contacted me from Bellingham, WA, who, 6 weeks after surgery, was told that they didn't get it all. I guess I'll stay on the herbs a little longer.

Since starting the herbal program I have also changed my diet considerably. Might have a prime rib well done once a year and no dairy products other than a piece of cheese 2 or 3 times a month WITH DRY RED WINE. The wine sort of netralizes the cholesterol in the cheese.
I lost 40 lbs in about 6 months, and not eating less, just more healthy foods such as grains, soy milk, lots of fresh (organic or no-spray) vegys (steamed) and fruits. Even got to make my own sour dough bread and carrot cake from unbleached whole wheat flour etc. NOTE: After reading a couple of research articles on Soy products, I now use Rice milk and have stopped using soy products. You can view the articles here and here

I also had ruined my shoulder tendons some years ago. I had to quit golf and could hardly lift my arms above my head. If I didn't move my arms every five minutes they would start to ache. I had a hard time sleeping because of the ache. After doing the Qi Gong exercises for some time, I finally realized that my shoulders weren't aching anymore and I could rotate my arms in a complete circle which I hadn't been able to do for years without pain and a bunch of crunching. I now play golf again.

I would like to mention another chinese medicinal product that apparently almost all chinese households have in their medicine cabinet. It's called ZHENG GU SHUI. It's something like absorbine junior and stimulates the tiny blood vessels. About a year and a half ago my knee's started giving me trouble. I couldn't kneel on them and they started to ache. The doctor said it was just age and a little arthritis and to get some heavily padded knee pads if I wanted to kneel. Well, after less than a week of applying this product every hour or so, I could walk on my knees and they are still just fine. I normally walk about 2 miles a day now. (not on my knees :)) Further, my wife has a little ostereoporosis and sometimes can't get a decent nights sleep because of her bones aching. I rub a little of this on and she sleeps like a log. This product should be applied quite often (once an hour or so) until the problem goes away. It dries almost instantly, but don't get it in your eyes. I also got Carple Tunnel from using my computer too much. Normally, the only way to get rid of it is to cut it out. I didn't like that idea so I went to my Zheng Gu Shui- it took about 2 months but no more Carple Tunnel and no operation.

Just prior to starting the herbs, I had started drinking at least an ounce of "Collidial Silver Water" a day and so far in 4 years I have had only one cold (I ran out of it) and have not had the flu. In fact I no longer have any aches or pains. I haven't even had an aspirin. I usually get up once during the night to urinate- sometimes not at all.
You can drink it or use it topically. I got sunburned twice and sprayed it on my legs perodically for about half an hour and no more sunburn. My wife and I both burned ourselves on the stove at least once, soaked a bandaide with the silver water, and no more pain. We didn't even get a blister. I wouldn't be without it. I now make my own.
I sort of consider myself a WW. I'm just feeling so good (about 15 years younger than I did 5 years ago) that I dread the thought of radiation or hormone therapy. My onco and uro still recommend either one or castration.
Any replies appreciated
Thanks for listening

This is an update as of March 30/99.
The last 4 months I have been under a lot of stress due to my wife's 16 year old granddaughter living with us. Talk about going downhill in a hurry. My siatica came back and I tried taking herbs specifically for that, to no avail.

May 13/99.
The Siatica is slowly getting better. My practioner says the stress factor that caused the return of the Siatica is why it is taking longer to get rid of this time- the Chinese say that for this type of Siatica, 100 days is the cure period. He also suggested that I would probably need acupuncture to get rid of it.

June 25/99
The Siatica still hanging around so I have started Accupuncture treatments. Second one this morning. Will comment further in a week or two.

August 18/99
Took 6 acupuncture treatments to get rid of the Siatica. I can start living again. Blood pressure staying at 125/70.

With reference to acupuncture, try and find someone with lots of experience and who doesn't use too many needles per treatment. My practitioner recommends no more than 10 needles per session- preferably no more than 6 per session. Too many needles at once tends to confuse the body. Further, do not have acupuncture if you have a cold, the flu, or a fever.

March 12, 2000
Well, not much to add. Started taking Barley Green juice 3 times a day along with Sterinol and keep taking a few Vitamin supplements. The books The Immune System Cure and Green Leaves of Barley helped my attitude considerable. I'm half way through a book by a doctor about his third year experience in Medical school. You just wouldn't believe what goes on. No wonder that Dr. Simonton says that some changes have to take place.

After reading and researching for the last 4 years, I've come to the conclusion that we have to start looking after our own health. Our family doctors just haven't had the education that the nutrition experts have. I don't blame the doctors, they just know what is taught in Med school. I got an email recently from a chap in Portugal. He says the Medical Association there is trying to get the government to let them have complete control over their countries medical system. I guess there'd be no herbs or alternative therapies available then.

Do you know that some therapies like Ozone and Oxygen treatments are illegal in Canada and the USA? These have been used for over 30 years in Europe with super results and most doctors there are now using them. Here they put our doctors in jail. I just can't believe that we don't have a choice in the matter. Read some of the articles in my Alternative directory. When I asked my doctor about PC-SPES he didn't know what I was talking about. Neither my Urologist or Oncologist said a word about it to me. When you get hormone refactory, they just want to give you chemo which has no affect on Prostate Cancer- it might dull the pain a little while killing our immune system. Why not try PC-SPES? If I had the money, I'd try the BioPulse clinic in Mexico. To my knowledge, they haven't had a failure yet. Do you realize that all the drugs, radiation, chemo etc. do not cure the disease? The only thing that can do that is our own immune system. Do you have any idea how huge the drug business is? Can you imagine what the shelves in the drug stores would look like if the hydrogen peroxide cold remedy that Dr. Brooks talks about worked 90% of the time?? No wonder so many doctors and researchers have been killed or put in jail.

Update as of April 17/00
Had another PSA test on April 5/00- still holding at 8.1. I've decided to go on PC-SPES starting tonight to see what changes in urination will occur (4 capsules a day). You can view this in my History folder

June 29/00
Got my latest PSA results yesterday. Went down from 8.1 to 2.7 in 2 months of taking the 4 capsules a day of PC-SPES. As I had used up my supply of PC-SPES, I decided to do nothing except soak in Peroxide every other day for another 2 or 3 weeks. Sure wish we could buy this product in Canada.
Sept. 1/00
PSA went back up to 7.1. Started back on PC-SPES on Sept. 13/00 at 3 caps a day. Will comment further at the end of November.

PSA back down to 5.3 so will stay at 3 caps a day for another couple of months.
PSA down to 4.3 so will stay at 3 caps a day.

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