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Bishop Myron Cotta's Rosary to Download:

Bishop Myron Cotta Ordination Slideshow with songs sung by Father Myron Cotta from his 1998 "Tribute" album.

Bishop Myron Cotta speaks to the Congregation after his Ordination on March 25, 2014, The Feast of the Annunciation.

Bishop Myron Cotta's Rosary to Download:

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Monsignor Myron Cotta
Vicar General of the Fresno Diocese
Fresno, California
was given the title of Monsignor
July 2002
We send our new Monsignor Cotta
Our best wishes, May God bless him, Forever

Monsignor Cotta meets the Pope John Paul II in 2004
as Bishop John Steinbock looks on

Bishop John Steinbock, The Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Fresno has lost his battle with cancer. Bishop Steinbock was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer in August and has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation since.

Bishop John Steinbock presided over the Valley's largest Christian denomination for nearly 20-years. He was the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Fresno -- a diocese of more than half a million Catholics stretching from Merced County in the north to the Inyo town of Bishop on the east side of the Sierra.

The Bishop began his ministry as a 25-year-old priest in East L.A. In an interview with Action News in 2004, Bishop Steinbock said his assignment at the Cathedral of St. Vibiana on skid row was the most impacting of his life.

Bishop Steinbock: "I came to appreciate the simplicity of faith in people's lives... actually that God touched me in a way more than I touched people. That I tried to bring Christ to them... they brought Christ to me very much."

Even as he moved into his role as bishop in the Diocese of Fresno, Steinbock never lost sight of those in need. In 2006 he took a public stand against proposed immigration policies in congress that would have punished church leaders who helped illegal immigrants.

Bishop Steinbock: "We're a Christian nation supposedly... well if we don't love our neighbor as our self and respect the dignity of individual people then we are not being Christian whatsoever."

Over his years as spiritual leader of valley Catholics, the bishop met four different times with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. The Pilgrimage to Rome, called the "ad limina apostolorum" or "to the threshold of the apostles" is required by all bishops every five years.

In his last interview the Bishop reported his biggest challenge was finding space in older churches for the growing catholic population in the diocese. His cancer, he said, was a gift.

Bishop Steinbock: "I started thinking there's a lot of blessing too... having cancer. That may sound awful... I mean, first of all, so many people reached out to me expressing their live and their concern and their prayers for me... you don't realize how many lives you've touched until something like that happens."

Bishop Steinbock will never know just how many lives he touched -- among every denomination.

December 6, 2010

Monsignor Myron Cotta has been appointed Diocesan Administrator.

There are several other videos posted on www.youtube.com of Bishop Steinbock's services
that I recorded while I was at the Rosary and Funeral Mass of the Bishop.
Please do a search for "Bishop John Steinbock" or "Monsignor Myron Cotta"
and they will come up for your viewing or you can subscribe to my videos on youtube.com.
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While I was at St. John's Cathedral, waiting for the rosary to begin,
I had the privledge of sitting next to a darling, sweet, little girl
and her wonderful mother. Because the wait was long, the people in
my area began talking to each other and explained why the Bishop
was important in their lives. This little girl, pictured above,
told me Bishop Steinbock had given her First Holy Communion and
she had been there since school ended and she was so hungry but
it was worth it. She and her mother invited me to sit in their
place at the end of the pew so that I could record video for this site.
I took their picture and I am thanking them for their kindness.
A Rosary CD is on the way to them now. Thank you!

Fresno priest Myron Cotta 'humbled' by new role as Bishop in Sacramento

The Fresno Bee
January 27, 2014

The Rev. Monsignor Myron J. Cotta of Fresno said he is grateful Pope Francis has found special favor with him.

The pope on Friday promoted Cotta, a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno for 26 years, as auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento. Cotta takes office after his ordination March 25.

The Diocese of Fresno held a news conference Monday, when many staff members and friends attended in a show of appreciation for Cotta.

"It's very humbling to be called to this capacity," Cotta said. "As bishop, it brings a sense of fullness to the priesthood."

In Roman Catholicism, the progression of clergy members now is from priest to bishop to archbishop to cardinal to pope.

Cotta will perform all the duties of bishop while serving as assistant to Bishop Jaime Soto of the Diocese of Sacramento, which covers about 42,000 square miles and serves more than 900,000 Catholics with 102 parishes.

While working in the Diocese of Fresno, Cotta has served as vicar general for the past 15 years. After the death of Bishop John T. Steinbock on Dec. 5, 2010, he stepped up to lead the Fresno diocese for about 14 months until Armando X. Ochoa became the bishop.

Cotta said he is looking forward to the transition when he assists Soto and works with staff members in the Sacramento diocese.

"I will be experiencing a lot of what I'm doing now," Cotta said. "I look forward to working in union with the clergy, the religious, the laity and the church. Let us keep ourselves in prayer."

Ochoa praised Cotta for his work with the Fresno diocese.

"His administrative skills and pastoral presence have been a blessing," Ochoa said. "It'll be a great loss."

The staff members and friends at the news conference showed their appreciation by giving Cotta a standing ovation.

"He's a holy priest," said Cheryl Sarkisian, manager of the diocese's safe environment program. "He has a love for God and God's people. He serves with truth and sincerity. I've felt he's authentic, the real thing. He's so well-respected."

David Austin, coordinator of the diocese's grants and major gifts program, stood in line to hug Cotta.

"He's always been available," Austin said. "He is patient and willing to listen and to assist with guidance to help with the issue at hand. Those skills will serve him well in Sacramento."

The Cover of the Rosary CD

The History of the Rosary CD by Monsignor Myron

in 1999, Monsignor Myron, then Father Myron, was the Pastor of the Our Lady of Miracles Church
in Gustine, CA., for seven years. During that time, I was one of the church organists.
I had the privilege of sitting at the piano/organ just feet away listening to Monsignor's
inspirational homilies. Monsignor Myron also had a wonderful singing voice. And of course,
as a musician, I really enjoyed the parts of the Mass that were sung. We worked together
on the selection of songs each week for the Mass that I participated in. Also, I was the
Music Teacher at Our Lady of Miracles School and once again participated with Monsignor in
planning of the liturgy and songs. I'll never forget the day, at the pulpit, when Monsignor
announced that he was leaving to be Vicar General for Bishop Steinbock. There was a great gasp
and much sadness. So, immediately, I planned to produce a CD of his voice so that we
could hear some of his songs whenever we wished. It was quite a chore to get then, Father
Myron, into the studio for recording the CD because he was so busy preparing to leave and
starting his new position. We finally got the CD done in record time and it was released
for the Parish. After that, at the urging of my mother, we recorded and released a Rosary CD.
As the years have passed, I have merged the two CDs together, making a CD in the English
language with the English Rosary and English songs,
and one in Portuguese, with the Portuguese Rosary and Portuguese songs. It is that CD
that is available today. You will hear Monsignor Cotta's voice on this page
as he speaks to us. It has indeed been an honor to be a part of this Rosary CD.


Nancy DeSilva performs with Monsignor Myron
Theresa Pires recites the rosaries in English & Portuguese with Monsignor Myron.
The other vocalists are members of the
English & Portuguese Choirs
of Our Lady of Miracles Shrine in Gustine, CA.
Musician Kathryn Maffei produces, arranges, and performs the music.

A Treze de Maio
Viva Jesus
Mae dos Jovens
O Virgem dos Milagres
O Perdao

Here I Am
Open My Eyes
Holy Spirit
When You Believe in Miracles
Our Lady of Miracles Hymn

CDs are $10 plus $2 S/H and can be ordered by sending a check or money order to:
Kathryn Maffei
870 Meredith Avenue
Gustine, CA 95322

Monsignor Cotta was honored to say Mass at "The Grotto" (in Lourdes, France)
at the natural rock where on February 11, 1858, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared
to Bernardette. In the crevice of the Rock, at the foot of the statue of
the Blessed Virgin Mary in white marble, one can read in the local
Bigourdan dialect, "Que soy era Immaculada Conceptiou," recalling the
words of Our Lady to Bernardette on March 25, 1858,
(picture courtesy of Patsy Freitas)

The actual statue of The Blessed Virgin Mary as seen in
"The Grotto" at Lourdes, France
(picture courtesy of Patsy Freitas)

Monsignor Cotta saying Mass at Fatima, Portugal

Monsignor Cotta's CD was featured in "Tunetown"
Fresno Bee Entertainment Section
June 21, 2002

To order "The Rosary & Songs of Praise" CD
Please send your address and
$10 plus $2 S/H to address below

Kathryn Maffei
870 Meredith Avenue
Gustine, CA 95322
United States



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