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All of the fiction presented here is Slash in nature--that is, dealing with homosexual pairings. If you are under the age of consent in your country, please leave now! If you are easily offend please leave now---because if you are easily offended, these stories will most definitely offend you. Most of them are rated NC17--please pay attention to the warnings. I don't want to shock someone unawares.

Disclaimer: The characters depicted are the property of their creators and the various producers of the television shows. No copyright infringement is intended. These stories are simply an act of adoration on the part of a big fan. No money is exchanging hands (believe and I are of only a passing acquaintance.....sigh......)

Special thanks to both Paulette and Maggie for all their aid in beta-reading these stories!

Shocking after all these years I've finally updated my site. I've actually been doing a lot of writing -- I just haven't posted anything lately. I've been lost in the Harry Potter fandom and have been writing a dozen stories in that field. I'll get around to posting them here before too long. In the mean time I updated "Things you Learn from Slash" and I've posted two non-fiction pieces below.

Updates: Feb 10, 2007

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